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Android : Skyscape Medical

Jul 11, 11 Android : Skyscape Medical

Skyscape Medical

Skyscape Medical

Skyscape Medical (all versions)
Requirements: Android (or iPad/iPhone)
Overview: Skyscape is pleased to provide hundreds of trusted medical resources for the Android (Google) devices.To use: (use only if medical emergency)
– Install reader on device (if not already installed). – Run KeyServer on your PC.

– Check products you want (including any already installed, otherwise the reader will remove them).
– If installing on many devices or you want local copy right click product to download to PC.
– Choose options you want:
– “Send reader updates” – tell the reader about latest known (from data file) version of the reader.
– “Force download server to this host” – tells reader to download from this PC instead of real server (from data file). Use when installing on many devices using local copy of data (downloaded as above).
– “This hosts IP” – the ip address that the DNS server will send to the reader, also used for downloads (if option above is used).
– “Enable DNS server” – enable a DNS server that sends this hosts IP when reader requests server address. Configure device to use this host as your DNS server instead of normal DNS server, no need to modify hosts files then. If you do not use DNS server you will need to modify your /etc/hosts file or modify entries in your real DNS server (see XML for which hosts are needed).

– Launch reader on device.
– Update reader resources: ‘Tools’ -> ‘Update Resources’
– When prompted for username and password use anything you like.

– Do not connect to real server after using. Use a firewall or modify /etc/hosts file to be safe.

To update data file:
– Look at XML, understand.
– Get version numbers from windows trial version/other users/etc.
– Work out new download url, download it and check sizes.
– Update xml.

Thanks to Xer0 for translations. And Rab for all the hard work

Read instructions!
You must enable tools DNS server (and change phone settings to use it) or modify your hosts file/DNS server.
If you don’t know how to operate your phone, change network settings, etc. do not post here – find android forum instead.


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